Warranty Cancellation Instructions

Request for Cancellation/Quote Form
All cancellation requests require the following:

A legible executed Request for Cancellation/Quote form (incomplete forms will be returned unprocessed).

Please find a copy of the Request for Cancellation/Quote form HERE

  • Please complete the customer information section including, but not limited to the last six (6) digits of the VIN number, customer name, address and signature section, cancellation date and miles; and the reason for cancellation.  Please check the boxes for the products you desire to cancel.  Do not worry about the contract numbers.
  • Include all supporting documentation for payoff, refinancing, trade, total loss, etc.  (All incomplete requests, missing information or support documentation, will be returned unprocessed and will delay refund.  All cancellation requests will be processed in order by date received.)  If the cancellation is due to:
    • Customer Request:  We must have the customer’s signature or a letter from the customer requesting cancellation. If cancelling NESNA Maintenance [Nissan] Proof of current miles is required.
    • Contract Payoff:  Payoff letter from the lien holder or lien release.
    • Total Loss:  Any document from the primary insurance company or lien holder stating total loss. 
    • Vehicle Trade:  An odometer statement or Buyer’s Order.
  • Send completed forms (including supporting documentation) to us via mail, fax or email:
Mail To:

AutoCenters Nissan
1277 McNutt St.
Herculaneum, MO. 63048

Fax To:


  • Please allow Six to Eight weeks processing time.
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Service Hours:
  • Mon - Fri7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Sat - SunClosed
Parts Hours:
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If your GAP purchase/Extended Service Contract Warranties were included in your vehicle financing, refunds will be returned to the lien holder unless otherwise instructed by lien holder.

  • If your GAP purchase/Extended Service Contract Warranties were included in your vehicle financing, the refund to the lien holder will be deducted from the principal of your loan and capitalized cost for lease and may not lower your monthly payment.
  • Your GAP Addendum/Extended Service Contract Warranties refund(s) will be calculated according to the terms stated in the Addendums and state provisions, if applicable.
  • Once your GAP coverage has been cancelled, you will be responsible, in the event of a total loss, for the difference between the payoff of the finance/lease outstanding balance and your automobile physical damage insurance settlement.
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