Igniting Community Impact: AutoCenters Nissan’s Dedication to Jefferson County and St. Louis County Charities

In the heart of Missouri, AutoCenters Nissan emerges as more than just a car dealership. It’s a hub of connections, fostering partnerships with local Jefferson County and St. Louis County charities, events, and enrichment groups. Our commitment goes beyond vehicles; it’s about making a genuine impact through in-store events, donations, advocacy, and network sharing. Discover how we fuel change and encourage others to join hands for a better tomorrow.

Connecting with Local Charities in Jefferson County and St. Louis County

At AutoCenters Nissan, our passion lies in connecting with our community. From Jefferson County to St. Louis County, we are deeply rooted in making a positive difference. Our dealership isn’t just about cars; it’s a space where local causes are championed and celebrated. Through dedicated efforts, we support charities and events that resonate with the heart of our community.

Driving Change through Charitable Donations

When you choose AutoCenters Nissan, you’re choosing more than a vehicle; you’re choosing to contribute to impactful change. We take pride in our contributions to local charities and events, nurturing the growth of initiatives that matter most to our neighbors. Every purchase becomes a steppingstone toward brighter futures in Jefferson County and St. Louis County.

Local Advocacy: Amplifying Voices

Our commitment to our community goes beyond transactions. We’re advocates for local charities and causes, using our platform to amplify their voices. Together, we create a symphony of support that resonates throughout Jefferson County and St. Louis County. We’re not just selling cars; we’re driving a movement for change.

Sharing Stories: Strengthening Local Ties

In a digital age, AutoCenters Nissan knows the power of connectivity. Our extensive network of customers isn’t just about cars; it’s a web of collaboration and shared values.

Join the Movement: Your Invitation to Impact

Our commitment thrives on collective action. AutoCenters Nissan extends an invitation to all – individuals, businesses, and partners – to be a part of this journey. We believe in the power of community-driven change and encourage you to stand with us. Whether you’re passionate about education, healthcare, or any other local cause, AutoCenters Nissan is your ally in making a difference.

Conclusion: Paving the Way for Positive Change

AutoCenters Nissan isn’t just a dealership; it’s a beacon of community-driven transformation. Our dedication to Jefferson County and St. Louis County charities, events, and enrichment groups is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the places we call home. Through events, donations, advocacy, and sharing, we ignite change, driving toward a brighter future. Together, let’s steer our community toward growth, unity, and a better tomorrow. Join AutoCenters Nissan on the road to impactful change.

Groups we’ve worked with

St. Louis Golf for the Cure: Annual Golf Tournament

In 2006 Karen Bober, the President of St. Louis Golf for the Cure, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Throughout her surgery and radiation, and never missing her Thursday golf league, St. Louis Golf for the Cure was founded. Originally founded in August of 2007, the first annual golf tournament was held in October of that year. Since that time, we have continued to raise money for research and education to fight cancer.



Herculaneum, MO High School

Herculaneum High
Herculaneum High School has been graduating students for over 100 years. Herculaneum students have been well represented over the years for their athletic accomplishments. Our boys’ and girls’ cross country teams have numerous state championships.



City of Pevely, MO: Pevely Days

The annual Pevely Days festival is a community event with carnival rides and games, live music, fireworks, vendors, and other entertainment.


City of Pevely


Boy Scouts of America: Greater St. Louis Area Council – River Trails District

Boy Scouts
The River Trails District is in Jefferson County, MO. It consists of the following school districts: Fox, Festus, Jefferson R-7, Crystal City, Dunklin, Windsor, Northwest, Hillsboro, Grandview, DeSoto and Sunrise.



Even Chance Pitbull Rescue

Even chance strives to counteract misinformation about pit bulls with factual education, communication, and resources for the public as well as the pit bull community. We rescue temperamentally sound dogs from shelters, including dogs with medical needs and dogs rescued from organized fighting rings or other inhumane situations. We provide foster care for our rescued dogs until they are placed in forever homes.


Even Chance Pitbull Rescue


JeffCo Shop with a Cop

Shop With A Cop
We are a 501(c)(3) organization designed to give gifts to underprivileged children during the holiday season.



DeSoto, MO Little League

Founded in 1953 to provide baseball and softball to all youths in De Soto, MO, and surrounding areas. We are a non-profit organization.


DeSoto Allstars


Partners for Pets

Partner for Pets logo
Based in Troy, IL, Partner for Pets supports shelters, rescue groups, and spay/neuter organizations by providing financial assistance, valuable connections, and other resources, to eliminate the suffering, abandonment, and euthanasia of animals.




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