Auto Financing Near St. Louis – Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions about Buying or Financing a Car? We Have Answers
When choosing a new car, truck or SUV, sometimes the most challenging part of the process is the financing. Drivers often have a lot of questions about finance options and the car-buying process in general, so we’ve compiled this list of commonly asked questions for you.

FAQs About Buying a New Vehicle and Financing Options:

Q: How do I apply for an auto loan?

A: Applying for an auto loan is easy and quick. Use our free, online 60 second finance application to start the process. Get pre-approved for a loan, and see your credit score instantly! Once you submit this application we will tell you the maximum amount of loan that you qualify for. You will also get your “automotive credit score” and see how you rank against the rest of the US.

Q: How do I get an auto loan with bad credit?

A: Our financing team is very experienced helping those with bad or no credit get auto financing. In fact, at our dealership we guarantee financing. Don’t let less than perfect credit hold you back. We are happy to discuss your challenging credit. We understand circumstances in life happen that can result in a less than perfect credit score, but that you are more than just a number, which is why we are willing to work hard to find a reasonable loan that fits you. Getting a car loan and making timely payments can even help you rebuild your score.
Sometimes bad stuff happens, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. We often find this to be true in the case of drivers who have bad credit. Frequently there were situations outside of their control which led them to have a less-than-desirable credit rating. No worries though: at AutoCenters Nissan we can help you buy a vehicle even if your credit score isn’t the greatest.

While many dealerships will automatically disqualify a driver if they have a too-low credit score, or no credit score at all, at our dealership we work hard to make sure that you can get the vehicle you need at a fair interest rate. So, if you’ve had setbacks that resulted in a bad credit score, rest assured that we’ll do our best here at AutoCenters Nissan to find a loan that works for you at our dealership.

Q: What will my monthly auto loan payments be?

A: Your monthly payment will depend on multiple factors, including: cost of the car, money down, loan term length, and interest rate. You can use our free, online payment calculator to estimate what your new car payment might look like based on different factors.

Q: Can I trade-in my existing car?

A: Absolutely! See your vehicle’s trade-in value in two easy steps, with no forms to fill out! It’ll be texted directly to your mobile phone!

Q: What are the pros and cons of leasing or buying?

A: This question depends on many factors as well as your individual preferences. If you want to modify your vehicle, plan to drive it extensive distances each year or want to build a trade-in value, you will likely want to buy your vehicle. On the other hand, if you drive a limited number of miles per year, want less of a monthly payment and enjoy the hassle-free process of turning your car in at the end of a lease period, leasing makes more sense. Learn more about the benefits of buying and leasing.

Q: Can I return my new car for refund?

A: Yes! At our dealership we are committed to your satisfaction. We understand purchasing a new vehicle is a big investment that customers want to get right, but that’s not always possible the first time around. That’s why we offer a 30 day return policy of new Nissan models. Learn more about our 30-Day Return Promise

Q: Will I pay taxes twice if I am buying from out of state?

A: You will not be double taxed if you are buying a car out of state. You only pay taxes on your vehicle in the state you register it in. If you have any more questions or concerns about buying a vehicle from out of state, please check out our out of state buyer’s guide or contact us. At AutoCenters Nissan we frequently serve drivers from different states, our close proximity to St. Louis means we help a lot of Missouri drivers get into the new or used car of their dreams, and our staff is very experienced assisting shoppers from other states to ensure a smooth and easy transaction.

Q: Will getting pre-qualified hurt my credit score?

A: At some car dealerships, applying for an auto loan requires a “hard pull” credit score inquiry, which can impact your credit score. However, at our dealership you don’t have to worry that the pre-qualified will hurt your credit score. Our application won’t affect it! Pre-qualifying with AutoCenters Nissan also does not require your social security number.

Q: How soon will I know what I qualify for?

A: You’ll know right away what amount you qualify for when you pre-qualify by filling out our online application, so you can start shopping for a new car within your budget today!

Q: Can I get a loan to purchase a used car?

A: Of course! Most used car shoppers need some assistance when buying their vehicle. We are happy to talk with you about financing options for any of the new or used cars on our lot or in our showroom.

Q: Which is better: buying or leasing a car?

A: To buy or lease your next car in the Herculaneum, MO, area-which is best? The answer is that both are good options. A lot of the decision is based on personal preferences. Check out our buying vs leasing page for help deciding what is right for you. Feel free to also reach out to our financing experts for help making this important decision.

Q: How can I save money when buying a car?

A: There are many ways to save money on your new Nissan at AutoCenters Nissan. Check out our new car incentives, our new car specials, and special discounts for college graduates and military personnel. In the market for a used car? We have specials on pre-owned cars too!

Q: How do I know when it is time to get a new car?

A: If can be hard to tell when is the right time to trade in your old car for a new one. If your old car still runs, the cost-benefit analysis can be a bit foggy. Check out our tips on how to when it is time for a new car.