2024 Nissan Titan Towing Capacity

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blue 2024 Nissan Titan towing a trailer behind it while driving on a road through a plains area.

The Nissan Titan is one of the most anticipated new vehicles for 2024. This capable truck is a towing powerhouse with a 400-horsepower Endurance V-8 engine, advanced towing technology, and heavy-duty engineering that helps it withstand immense loads. Read on as our AutoCenters Nissan team in St. Louis, Missouri, explains the term “towing capacity” and how much the 2024 Nissan Titan can tow. We’ll also look at the various features and technologies that enhance the towing experience with real-world insights to help you decide if the Titan is right for you.

Towing Capacity Explained

Towing capacity refers to the maximum weight a truck can safely tow. It’s an important metric for trucks that haul trailers, boats, or other heavy loads. Two key terms associated with towing capacity are gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) and gross combined weight rating (GCWR), which we explain below:

  • GVWR: This term refers to the maximum weight a vehicle can safely carry, including its own weight and that of any passengers and cargo. It encompasses the truck’s chassis, body, engine, fuel, accessories, and maximum load it can handle without compromising safety.
  • GCWR: This number is the total weight of a truck and trailer or towed object. It considers the combined weight of the loaded truck and trailer to ensure safe operation.

Understanding these terms can help you select an appropriate truck for your needs. Exceeding the towing capacity can affect your safety, influence performance, and cause increased vehicle wear.

2024 Nissan Titan Towing Capacity Overview

The new Nissan stands out with its exceptional towing capabilities, boasting a remarkable towing capacity of up to 11,050 pounds when properly equipped and a maximum payload of 2,360 pounds. The 2024 Nissan Titan XD is the heavy-duty version that can tow the most. It boasts a longer wheelbase and body and a 6.5-foot-long truck bed. It also has a higher suspension, which is great for off-road towing.

The Titan XD trims have an available gooseneck hitch if you need a utility truck for hauling trailers or boats. What sets the 2024 Titan apart is its advanced trailering technology that helps streamline the towing process. With innovative features that enhance towing efficiency, the new Titan provides substantial towing power and a user-friendly experience. Towing capacity varies according to the following configurations:

  • Titan XD Crew Cab (four-wheel drive):  9,910 to 11,050 pounds.
  • Titan King Cab (four-wheel drive):  9,210 pounds.
  • Titan Crew Cab (rear-wheel drive):  9,200 to 9,290 pounds.
  • Titan Crew Cab (four-wheel drive): 9,050 to 9,130 pounds.

Towing Features and Technology

The 2024 Nissan Titan is purpose-built for towing. Here are some of the features and technologies that make towing with the Titan a breeze:

  • SV Tow Package: Includes front tow hooks, a trailer brake controller, trailer light check, heated extendable tow mirrors with turn signal indicators, side mirrors with puddle lights, and a  Class IV tow hitch receiver.
  • Trailer sway control: Helps mitigate trailer sway by automatically applying brakes to individual wheels, ensuring a more stable towing experience.
  • Advanced suspension system: Improves stability, control, and comfort during the towing process. It can handle the additional weight and dynamics of towing a trailer, helping to reduce body roll, enhance traction, and provide a smoother ride.
  • Electronic locking rear differential: Improves traction and stability, particularly in challenging or uneven terrains. It locks the rear wheels together, ensuring they rotate at the same speed, and distributes power evenly to both wheels, preventing wheel spin and enhancing overall traction.
  • Four-wheel anti-lock braking system: Prevents wheel lockup during hard braking. This technology enhances safety and control, reducing the risk of skidding, maintaining steering control, and improving overall stability when towing heavy loads.
  • Electronic brake force distribution and brake assist: Optimizes brake performance to maintain stability and control. Brake assist ensures you can safely stop even when towing heavy loads.
  • Front and rear stabilizer bars: Reduce body roll, improve cornering, and enhance overall control while towing.
  • Cruise control: Helps maintain a safe and consistent speed and reduces driver fatigue.
  • Lane departure warning: Provides an alert when drifting into other lanes. It’s valuable during towing, as a trailer’s additional length and weight can make it challenging to maintain a consistent lane position.
  • Blind-spot warning: Alerts you of vehicles in your blind spots, which is especially crucial when towing a trailer. The extended length of the trailer can create larger blind spots, making it challenging to see surrounding vehicles.
  • Rearview monitor: Provides a clear view of the area behind the vehicle. The visual feed from the rear camera helps you align the trailer hitch easily and safely.
  • Intelligent around-view monitor: Offers a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings, which helps when attaching a trailer hitch, detecting obstacles, and maneuvering into tight spaces.
  • Hill-start assist: Prevents the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an incline, especially with a heavy trailer.
  • Vehicle dynamic control with traction control system: Manages vehicle dynamics, reducing the risk of skidding or wheel spins and enhancing overall stability. 
  • Active brake limited slip: Improves traction and stability, especially when one wheel loses traction.
  • Optional trailer brake controller: Provides direct control over the trailer’s brakes, improves braking efficiency, and prevents the trailer from pushing the towing vehicle or causing uncontrolled swaying.
  • Optional trailer light check: Checks that the trailer lights are working properly for maximum visibility.

Real-World Performance

When towing trailers of different sizes and weights, lower towing capacities are generally suitable for lighter loads, ensuring stability and ease of towing. However, the Nissan is powerful enough to tow larger or heavier trailers, providing enhanced stability and power for smoother handling. Higher towing capacities ensure you have the acceleration, speed, and maneuverability you need when towing heavier loads.

Test-Drive the 2024 Nissan Titan Today

Our 2024 Nissan Titans for sale stand out as a powerful towing vehicle, boasting a remarkable towing capacity of up to 11,050 pounds when properly equipped. Its strengths lie in its advanced towing technologies, such as trailer sway control, hill-start assist, and a surround-view camera. These elements enhance stability, provide greater control, and give you confidence when towing light or heavy loads. To experience its towing capabilities and innovative features, schedule a test drive at AutoCenters Nissan.

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