2024 Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity

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Are you looking for a powerful and versatile vehicle? If so, understanding the towing capacity and hauling limitations of the vehicle you want is vital. Not all trucks have equal towing rates. Knowing what a truck can tow can prevent surprises and potential dangers while pulling a load. The 2024 Nissan Frontier might be at the top of your list if you need a capable midsize pickup with a good towing capacity. Read as our AutoCenters Nissan team in St. Louis, Missouri, shares what you can expect from this thrilling Nissan truck.

Introduction to the 2024 Nissan Frontier

red 2024 Nissan Frontier parked sideway in a valley

The Nissan Frontier is a midsize truck that’s a bit smaller than the Titan and Titan XD. You can get the Frontier in the base S trim or choose the SV, Pro-X, Pro-4X, SL, or all-new Hardbody Edition trims. You can get it as a King Cab or Crew Cab, and a long bed version is also available if you need more space in the back. The Frontier rides smoothly on 16- or 17-inch wheels that come in several looks.

At the base trim level, you’ll enjoy features such as LED taillights, a tailgate spoiler, a six-way manual driver’s seat, and an 8-inch touch-screen display with smartphone integration. Upgrading to a higher trim level gets you LED signature headlights, front tow hooks, heated outside mirrors, heated leather front seats, and a larger touch-screen display with wireless phone connectivity. Lava Red interior and exterior accents make the PRO-4X version of the Frontier stand out.

What Is Towing Capacity?

Towing capacity is essentially the weight a vehicle can pull behind it comfortably. The towing capacity is different for every vehicle and depends on many factors. How much a vehicle weighs, its engine, and its trim level can all affect its towing capacity. You want to pay close attention to towing capacity, as this can be a significant factor in how you can use your truck. Manufacturers determine the towing capacity, taking tongue weight, curb weight, dry weight, payload, and more into consideration. Trailers need to stay within the weight capacity the manufacturer recommends.

2024 Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity Specs

Properly equipping the Nissan Frontier will allow you to tow a maximum of 6,640 pounds. This truck offers a 3.8-liter direct injection V-6 engine that’ll blow you away. Thanks to the 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque the V-6 delivers, you’ll easily pull your load. A nine-speed automatic transmission quickly responds to your every command, even when towing. You can opt for four-wheel drive, but this will lower the Frontier’s towing capacity. Sticking with the rear-wheel-drive version ensures you get the most towing capacity for your desired trim level.

What Factors Affect Towing Capacity?

Several factors affect how much you can tow with your truck, SUV, or car. Here are a few things to consider when calculating your towing capacity:

  • Brakes: Braking power will affect the amount of weight your truck can tow. A vehicle with wiring for trailer brakes will be able to tow a heavier load thanks to increased braking ability.
  • Gross combined weight rating (GCWR): The GCWR is the weight your vehicle can handle when fully loaded and pulling a trailer.
  • Gross trailer weight (GTW): GTW is how much your trailer weighs when it’s full of cargo. Your vehicle should never pull a load that’s over its recommended GTW.
  • Tongue weight (TW): A trailer’s TW is the weight that pushes down on the hitch point. It can shift depending on how you’ve distributed the weight in your trailer and vehicle.
  • Gross axle weight rating (GAWR): A vehicle’s GAWR determines how much weight it can hold on each axle. The weight will never be a 50/50 split, leaving one axle able to carry more weight than the other.

Different vehicles can handle different hitch classes. Here’s a breakdown of each hitch class:

  • Class I: Class I hitches are mainly for cars and small SUVs and can pull up to 2,000 pounds.
  • Class II: A Class II hitch works well for a crossover or minivan with up to a 3,500-pound towing capacity.
  • Class III: Use a Class III hitch if you want to use your truck or full-size SUV to tow a small trailer or midsize boat that weighs around 8,000 pounds.
  • Class IV: You may have to get your Class IV hitch as an aftermarket addition, as only some vehicles have this type as an option, but doing so will allow you to pull a trailer or boat that weighs up to 10,000 pounds.
  • Class V: The Class V hitch is only recommended for full-size trucks and SUVs designed for towing and could allow your vehicle to tow as much as 20,000 pounds.

Towing Safety Tips

Use these towing safety tips if you plan to pull a trailer with your 2024 Frontier:

  • Adjust your load to ensure you’ve distributed it properly throughout the trailer.
  • Secure your cargo to ensure things stay put while you drive.
  • Check the brakes on your vehicle and trailer before getting up to speed.
  • Check the trailer to ensure the brake lights, turn signals, and emergency lights work.
  • Look at the tires and check the pressure if they seem low, then tighten the lug nuts to secure the tires.

Towing Accessories and Options for the 2024 Nissan Frontier

To make the most of towing with the 2024 Nissan Frontier, consider adding these accessories and options:

  • Factory-installed towing package.
  • Tow hitch receiver.
  • Hitch ball.
  • Hitch ball mount.
  • Hitch cap.
  • Trailer tow harness.
  • Tow mode switch.

Check Out the Nissan Frontier at AutoCenters Nissan

Your small trailer or boat will be nothing the 2024 Nissan Frontier can’t handle with its impressive towing capacity. If you’d like to check out the 2024 Nissan Frontier for yourself, schedule a test drive with one of our friendly sales representatives. You’ll have a chance to take it out on the road to experience the power and performance firsthand.

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