Have you ever been driving when it began to hail? It can be scary, and that's because it can be dangerous. Hail is more hazardous than a normal rainstorm, and these hailstorms can be more common during the rainy spring months.

It's best to avoid driving when a hailstorm is in the forecast, but that's not always possible. Sometimes you may have to get where you need to go, regardless of the weather, and other times, you may not know a hailstorm is coming.

At AutoCenters Nissan, we want you to be safe at all times when you're in your vehicle. Here are a few tips for weathering a hailstorm if you happen to be on the road when it begins to hail.

  • Use your headlights. Hail can reduce your visibility as much as if not more than rain can. Your headlights are crucial to allow you to see the road ahead of you and to let other drivers and people on the road know that you're coming. Make sure that they are on when it's hailing out, even if it's daytime.

  • Drive slowly. In any situation where your ability to see the road is reduced, you should slow down. You should also leave ample room between your vehicle and everyone else on the road in case the person ahead of you stops, swerves or slows down.

  • Pull into a safe area. If you can, pull into a garage or area with a roof over it like an overpass when the hail begins. This will protect your vehicle from damage. If there's nowhere like that nearby, pulling out of traffic can at least make you safer.

  • Try to have the hail hit your vehicle head-on. Your windshield is fortified and can withstand falling hail, though your side windows may not be as strong. If you must keep your vehicle in the open, the hail should hit your windshield rather than your side windows.

  • Stay in your vehicle. Even if the individual pieces of hail look small, they can cause injury as they fall to the ground with great speed. Stay in your vehicle as long as it's out in the open to avoid danger.

The best thing you can do in a hailstorm is keep yourself and your passengers safe. That might mean avoiding driving, and that might mean pulling over until the storm has passed. No matter what, safety should be your first priority.

Do you want tips like this for all sorts of automotive situations? The staff at AutoCenters Nissan in Wood River is committed to keeping you safe, so we can fill you in on everything you need to know in the event of an automotive emergency or weather situation. Just stop by our St. Louis area Nissan dealership today for more information!

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