Nobody likes any kind of automotive emergency, but as far as emergencies go, a flat tire is a fixable one. That being said, getting a flat tire while driving can be incredibly stressful and even hazardous.

So what should you do if you have a tire blowout while you're driving? Here, the AutoCenters Nissan staff has put together a number of tips that should help you stay safe and get back on the road in no time.

  • Grip the wheel and slow down gradually. You don't want to slam on the brakes, because that can be dangerous. Remove your foot from the gas pedal and slow down, keeping your hands firmly on the steering wheel to maintain control.

  • Pull over or pull off. When you have a flat tire, you want to get your car out of the flow of traffic and out of harm's way. Pull over into a breakdown lane, onto the side of the road or if possible, into a parking lot or other relatively safe area. You want to be completely out of the way of oncoming traffic.

  • Turn on your emergency signals. Once you're safely out of the flow of traffic and stopped, you should turn on the flashers on your vehicle to alert other drivers to your presence.

  • Assess the situation. Even if you know how to change a tire yourself, some situations are just too dangerous, like if traffic is speeding by and you aren't able to get a safe distance away.

  • Raise your hood to indicate that you need assistance. A police officer, tow truck driver or other person may see your raised hood and stop to help you out.

  • Change your tire, or call for help. If you know how to change a tire properly and have all the necessary supplies, then only do so if you are in a safe situation, completely apart from traffic. If you do not know how to change a tire, do not have the supplies you need, or do not feel that you can safely do so in your current situation, then it might be necessary to call for help.

Getting a flat tire is no fun, but if you're careful and follow our steps, you'll be much safer and more likely to be able to get back on the road shortly.

Need more automotive emergency tips? Just visit AutoCenters Nissan in Wood River, where a talented staff will help you with all your automotive needs!

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