Nobody plans to have an emergency while driving, but that's all the more reason that you should be fully prepared in the event that one occurs. An emergency can mean an auto accident, a breakdown, or even something unrelated to your vehicle, like an injury. You never know what kind of incidents might occur when you're in the car, and so you have to be prepared for all eventualities.


One of the first steps you'll want to take to be sure you're ready for anything that might occur is to put together an automotive emergency kit that you keep in your vehicle at all times. Here, the staff at AutoCenters Nissan has assembled a list of some of the items you'll want to make sure you put in your roadside emergency kit.


·         A first aid kit. This can come in handy for an array of injuries and problems, and should be fully stocked on its own with bandages, gauze and more. Be sure you're familiar with what's in your first aid kit so you can access it in case you need it.

·         A fire extinguisher. The quicker you can put out a small fire, the less severe the damage will be. If a part of your car catches on fire, of course, it's best to get out of the vehicle and stay away, but a fire extinguisher can help if you encounter a small fire that's just starting.

·         A fully charged cell phone. This may not be part of your emergency kit, but it's a good thing to have in your vehicle at all times. If you break down, run out of gas or get into an accident, you'll need to call for help. Having a cell phone that has a full charge is important in these cases.

·         Warning lights or flares. If your car breaks down and you can't move, or even if you've moved it to the side of the road, you'll want something to alert other motorists that you're there. These are particularly helpful in those cases.

·         Flashlight and batteries. Ever had an automotive emergency in the dark? Having a flashlight on hand will come in handy.

·         And much more.


Keeping a properly-stocked emergency kit in your vehicle at all times is a crucial part of staying safe on the road. You never know what might happen and you never know when emergencies might occur. Be sure you have these things, as well as anything else you think might come in handy, just in case of emergency.


Still unsure of what to pack in your roadside emergency kit? The staff at AutoCenters Nissan is happy to help you make a list. Just visit us in Wood River, Illinois, today to chat with our staff members about staying safe while driving!