Are You Looking to Trade In or Sell Your Vehicle? Get an Offer Texted to Your Phone from the Dealership Today!

Do you know what your current vehicle is worth? Do you need help figuring out what a dealership would pay for your car, truck, or SUV? Whether you're planning to use that vehicle as a trade-in, sell it for cash, or keep it around for a few more years, AutoCenters Nissan invites you to take advantage of the user-friendly mobile appraisal process on this page to learn your vehicle's value and get a fair estimate of its worth.

We offer drivers throughout the greater St. Louis, MO area this intuitive tool, to make the entire trade-in process simple and straightforward. Best of all, it's a quick process and we'll send the quote from our dealership directly to your phone with a simple text.

To get started, enter your cellphone number and we'll text you instantly. All we need from there is a text from you with your license plate number or VIN, no need for lengthy forms. We will text you back a real estimate in seconds that you can use at our St. Louis area dealership. 

What you choose to do with the estimated value that we text you is completely up to you. This is a personalized journey and you're in charge. You can take that quote, bring us your vehicle, and get a solid value in person, or you could decide to keep your vehicle for a little while longer.

If you decide to take advantage of our estimate and trade in your older model for a newer version, we can certainly help with that as well. We carry one of the Alton, IL area's best selections of brand-new and pre-owned vehicles, and we can hep you trade in your old set of wheels and trade up to a newer model, quickly and easily.

Get started today and see how much we can add to your overall shopping, driving, and ownership experience in Wood River, IL.