Fall may not be a season with the extreme temperatures of summer or winter, but it still brings with it its own driving challenges. The conditions that occur during the fall months can make driving hazardous and difficult, but if you know what you're doing, you can adjust your driving habits accordingly.


Here, the staff at AutoCenters Nissan has assembled a number of tips for driving during the fall that will help you stay safe and keep your driving experience a pleasant one!


·         Be careful of leaves. The beautiful fall leaves that look so pretty on the trees can make driving in the fall more dangerous than you might expect. When they fall off the trees and land on the street, they obscure important road markings. Wet leaves can also be incredibly slippery, resulting in slick, dangerous streets. Drive slowly and cautiously when leaves cover the ground.

·         Prepare yourself for frost. When you wake up and a layer of frost is coating your car, your first thought is probably annoyance. But it's important to take the time to scrape the frost from your windshield and windows, because it can obscure your vision.

·         Beware of icy streets. As fall gives way to winter, the streets can begin to ice over, particularly in the late night and early morning. Drive slowly and be very careful, particularly as you drive over bridges and overpasses.

·         Be ready for fog and sun glare. Fog and the glare from the sun can be particularly bad during the fall months. In fog, use your low beam headlights and drive slower than you normally would. When facing sun glare, put on your sunglasses and make use of your sun visor.


The fall can be one of the most beautiful seasons in which to go for a drive. The leaves are changing colors, and the brisk autumn breeze can make everything feel new. Make sure that your leisurely fall drive is safe and enjoyable by putting these simple tips into place!


Still need more tips for driving during the fall, or during any other season? The experienced staff at AutoCenters Nissan is always happy to help you out. Just visit our Wood River, Ill., dealership to learn more about driving during the fall, and about all your other automotive needs!