The Importance of Routine Car Maintenance

Wood River, IL customers know how important car maintenance is. When you're busy, it's easy to forget about regularly servicing your car. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the benefits of maintaining your car. Regular vehicle servicing will help you keep your vehicle running smoothly, and you'll avoid having your car break down, which inevitably comes with costly repairs.

We've put together a list for our Wood River, IL customers. It includes the most important routine Nissan maintenance tasks to address to ensure your vehicle runs at its prime well past 100,000 miles. 

  • Oil changes - This is the most important task Wood River, IL customers should take care of regularly. Oil coats the engine's part to make sure they're working properly. When the oil gets dirty, it becomes stickier and grainier causing your engine to work harder. It's recommended that you get your oil changed every 3,000 miles.

  • Tire rotation - Keeping your tires maintained will surely give your car a smoother ride. Getting your tires rotated and keeping them balanced will even out the wear on them. It'll also lesson the vibration that could lead to engine damage.

  • Checking the brake system - It's important to have your vehicle's entire brake system checked at least once a year for safety purposes and to prevent pricey damages to your car.

  • Check fluid levels - Your vehicle levels can tell you a lot about what's going on in your car. The Nissan maintenance team will check your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and anti-freeze levels.

  • Battery and spark plug replacement - A routine inspection by an AutoCenters Nissan service team member will be able to tell you how well your car's battery is working and if its spark plugs and their wires are operating properly.

Of course, there are plenty of other routine car maintenance tasks that should be performed on your vehicle. Wood River, IL customers can confide in the service professionals at AutoCenters Nissan for a comprehensive list of importance routine maintenance tasks. We also have a maintenance schedule available that lists when and what kind of maintenance tasks should be done according to your Nissan's model and year.

Wood River, IL customers should stop into AutoCenters Nissan today for a complete inspection of their Nissan. Schedule auto service online today and get your Nissan the care it needs.


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