Long-Distance Driving Advice - ST. LOUIS, MO

Depending on your preference, driving long distance can be a fun and relaxing experience or a difficult task. Which group do you fall into?


At your Illinois Nissan dealership, we know a lot about long-distance driving. And we know that it doesn't have to be a chore. In order to be one of those people who actually enjoy long drives, all you have to do is follow a few simple tips that will ensure your safety and keep your vehicle running smoothly.


·         Get your car looked at before you leave. You'd hate for something to go wrong while you're on your trip, so have the service staff at your local Illinois Nissan dealership take a look at your vehicle to make sure everything is in great condition for a long drive.

·         Bring your GPS. Make sure you know where you're going, so you don't wind up lost. Planning your route before you leave is a great idea, as is making sure you have some kind of a map or GPS system to help.

·         Don't speed. You want to reach your destination, but you don't want to get into an accident or incur costly speeding fines. Slow down and enjoy yourself.

·         Make sure you have an emergency kit, spare tire and more. You never know when you'll need these crucial supplies. Also important—a charged cell-phone, water, snacks, blankets and more.

·         Drive carefully. It's important when you're in an area that's unfamiliar that you are even more carful than usual. Just keep your eyes on the road and your attention on the task at hand and you'll be fine!


Enjoying a long-distance drive is really just about being prepared and taking steps to make sure incidents and problems can be avoided. Following the simple tips from your Illinois Nissan dealer will help make your long-distance drive a pleasant, fun experience.


Looking for more tips for long drives, short drives or anything in between? The staff at AutoCenters Nissan, your Illinois Nissan dealership, can help! Just visit us today for more information!