How long have you been driving your current vehicle? Cars have different lifespans for different drivers-- some people prefer to drive a vehicle until it's on its last legs, while others like to keep upgrading into a newer model to take advantage of the latest and greatest features. Which kind of driver are you?

Either way, there are a few factors that can tip you off to the fact that it might be time to look for a new vehicle. Do you recognize any of these signs from your own life?

  • Your vehicle requires a lot of costly maintenance. Eventually, it might get to a point where it's not cost-effective to continue repairing your current vehicle. At this point, finding an affordable Nissan car, truck, SUV or van might be a better option for your budget.

  • Your current vehicle has a high trade-in value. You might think you can't afford a new vehicle, but if you can trade in your current car, you might be able to afford more than you think. Check the trade-in value of your current vehicle to determine if that might help you purchase a newer model sooner rather than later.

  • Your needs have changed. Drivers with big families have different needs from their vehicles than single drivers. Long distance drivers may prefer different vehicles than drivers who spend most of their time commuting within a city. As your lifestyle changes, so might your vehicle needs.

  • You simply want one, and can afford it. You spend a lot of time in your vehicle day-to-day, so it's important that you're comfortable in it and happy with your choice. If you have the budget, then wanting a vehicle that's new or new to you is a perfectly good reason to begin the car-shopping process.

It can be challenging to know whether it's time for a new vehicle or not, but signs like these can indicate that it might be time to start looking.

Whether you're looking for a new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle, the staff at AutoCenters Nissan is happy to help you find your next automobile. Just stop by our Wood River dealership, to find a Nissan near Alton, O'Fallon, Edwardsville or St. Louis today!