Many different factors go into determining the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The type of vehicle you drive and its EPA-rated MPG numbers are obviously important, but the way you drive can affect your fuel economy, too. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you can affect your fuel economy either positively or negatively simply by altering a few of your driving habits.


Below, we'll go over a few of the driving patterns and habits that can have a negative effect on your fuel economy.


·         Speeding. The faster you drive, the more aerodynamic drag you'll have, which can reduce your gas mileage. Driving the speed limit can help you to improve your fuel economy.

·         Making frequent short trips. When you start up a cold vehicle, it won't be as fuel efficient until it's had some time to warm up. If you need to run a lot of errands, for instance, it's best to do them all in one run, when your vehicle will stay warm and thus be more efficient.

·         Aggressive acceleration. Accelerating too quickly and too often can cause your fuel economy to suffer. Try to speed up slowly and drive at a smooth, even pace for best results.

·         Too much idling. Spend a lot of time stuck in traffic, or with your engine running while your vehicle is parked? The more you idle your vehicle, the lower your MPG will be. Turn off your car when it's parked, and try to avoid heavy traffic whenever you can.

·         Excessive cargo. Did you know that the things you load into your vehicle have an impact on your gas mileage? The heavier your vehicle, the more reduced its fuel economy will be. Unload your car to lighten up and you'll notice an improved efficiency.


Driving slower, more carefully and more smoothly can help keep your fuel economy in great shape, which can in turn save you money! Just pay attention to the way you drive and you'll find that you're seeing improvements shortly.


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