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In 1984, Nissan wasn't worried about dictators and futuristic worlds, they were busy dictating the future of driving - with the release of the very first Nissan Maxima. The stylish, four-door sedan made its debut in October of that year, and it's been turning heads and collecting loyal fans across the country ever since. At Auto Centers Nissan, we're proud to continue offering this impressive car to our customers in the St. Louis area.

Over the years, the Nissan Maxima has changed and grown a lot. It's the largest and most powerful sedan in the Nissan lineup today, and it's exterior is sleek, sporty, and decidedly modern. The latest models in our new vehicle inventory offer St. Louis drivers all the comforts and up-to-date tech features, such as touchscreen technology, smartphone integration, and navigation, and they each have standard V6 power.

While we're happy to be able to recommend our Nissan Maxima to St. Louis drivers, we also know there are other popular sedans available in the area that may be vying for attention. If you're searching for a new sedan, and you're looking at both the Nissan Maxima and the Honda Accord, we can help.

We've done our homework, and saved you some time researching in the process. Here, we've compared our Maxima sedan side-by-side and number-by-number with the latest Honda Accord sedan models available. Read on to see for yourself all of the key areas we've discovered where the Nissan sedan clearly comes out ahead of the competition.

The Nissan Maxima Takes on the Honda Accord


Both of these five-passenger sedans offer the comfort and ease of a car with the swooping, sporty roofline of a high-end coupe. But, the Nissan Maxima offers the striking roofline, without bringing the car so low to the ground that it's difficult to get in and out of. The Honda Accord, on the other hand, is low to the ground, so it's a little more difficult to slide into and out of. Additionally, the Maxima is a more comfortable ride because it offers more legroom than the Accord, especially in the front seat.

Engine Power

The Honda Accord has two turbocharged four-cylinder engines available for drivers to choose from. But, neither of them are as powerful as the Nissan Maxima. Standard power for the Maxima comes from a 300-horsepower V6 engine, while the two Accord powertrains are only available in either a 192 or 252 horsepower rating.

Standard Technology Features

The Nissan Maxima also outshines the Honda Accord in terms of technology and creature comfort features. Nissan knows what their drivers are looking for on their modern-day models, and they deliver. Every Nissan Maxima model in the trim lineup comes with such things as navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and satellite radio. Meanwhile, you have to move up trim levels and spend more money on the Honda Accord in order to get the same high level of features.

Test Drive the Nissan Maxima and See for Yourself

The only way to really understand why you should choose a new Nissan Maxima sedan over the Honda Accord is a test drive. Stop by and visit us in person here on East Edwardsville Road in Woods River. We're conveniently located for people throughout the greater St. Louis area, and we want to help you select the best new car for your daily commute.