Getting improved gas mileage is important to most drivers, and it's especially important during the sweltering summer months. You may be spending your summer planning the ultimate road trip, and dreading the increasing price of gas, or you may simply be spending it commuting back and forth between home and your office, wishing you were anywhere but stuck in traffic.

No matter what you're doing in your car this summer, you'd likely benefit from increased fuel economy. There are unique ways to improve your mileage during the hottest months of the year that you may not think about until that summer heat is upon us. Fortunately, the AutoCenters Nissan staff is on top of it.

Here, we've put together a few tips for improving your gas mileage during this long, hot summer.

  • Keep an eye on your air conditioning usage. When you use your AC, your fuel economy is reduced. It's a simple fact. And in the hot summer, when you're most likely to crank your AC? It can be reduced by more than 25 percent according to some sources. Try to avoid turning the temperature lower than necessary, and consider turning off the AC when you can to save gas.

  • Roll down your windows. Your vehicle has windows that roll down for a reason. Try using them! Rolling down your windows to cool off while driving, particularly when you're driving in the city or through your neighborhood, can help you increase your fuel economy. The breeze from the outside can keep you cool enough. Once you're driving on the highway, however, it's more efficient to roll those windows back up and turn on the AC-- on a moderate temperature-- since the windows being down can increase drag.

  • Park in the shade. Everyone has at some point or another returned to their vehicle in a parking lot after a few hours to find the inside of the car hotter than seems possible. Not only is this uncomfortable-- who wants to touch that steering wheel?-- but it can take a lot more fuel to cool down a piping hot car than is necessary. Try to park in the shade, in a parking garage, or even to use a windshield shade to block out the sun's rays. This can keep your vehicle cooler even when you aren't in it, and thus take less energy to make it comfortable once you are.

When your gas mileage goes up, your savings do too, and who doesn't want that? Try to put these tips into practice over the summer as you're spending time behind the wheel and you're sure to see your fuel economy soar.

Need more tips on fuel economy, taking proper care of a vehicle, driving safety, or anything else under the automotive sun? Just stop by AutoCenters Nissan for all the information you could ever need about your vehicle, and to check out our selection of new and used Nissans today!


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