At AutoCenters Nissan, there's one big thing that separates us from other guaranteed-financing car dealers near St. Louis:

We love our clients, and treat them like our own.

Too often, "guaranteed financing" means to shake you down for all you're worth and leave you with a plan that doesn't actually work for your lifestyle. But here, we work with you and your situation to find the right lender, the right plan, and the right payments on the right car.

Explore the benefits of working with us:


Friendly, Professional Staff

A great car ownership experience starts with a great dealership experience, and that includes the finance center. Our rave dealer reviews often talk about what a pleasure it is to work with our team of experts. From sales to the financing & insurance desk, you'll find friendly faces and professional knowledge of the entire process. If you've got questions, we've got answers.


Bad Credit and No Credit Car Loans

This, right here, is our bread and butter. Any dealer can secure a loan for a driver with a 750+ credit score. But if you've been burdened with student loans, medical debit, or other unforeseen emergency debt that's really hurt your credit score, it's harder to find a lender that will work with you. Small banks and credit unions in the St Louis metro will often turn applicants away just because they don't have current debt and therefore have no credit at all for a car loan. We know just how to work with our lenders to get you what you need.


Guaranteed Financing

When we say it, we mean it. Our online pre-qualification program requires no hard credit checks (it won't affect your score) and can help you better plan for your budget. We believe in the right of all drivers to have a safe, reliable, and high-quality car to drive, and our guaranteed financing gets you the lease or loan that's best for your situation.


Finance Your Next Lease or Loan With Us for Great Benefits and Better Deals


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