How Do I Get Pet Hair Out Of My Car?

Most of us that own or have owned pets, especially dogs, have been faced with the annoying task of removing hair from the inside of our car. Let's face it, we love our pets, but man, do they cause a mess! It doesn't matter if they ride with you every day, or just occasionally to go to the park - your going to have hair all over your seats and floors... Unless you have one of those crazy looking hairless pets, or you're lucky enough to own a breed that doesn't shed. 

There are a ton of different ways to clean pet hair from your vehicle, but most are equally as time consuming and daunting. Most people start with good ol' fashioned vacuuming, but it's usually ineffective; it is still a good starting point. Vacuuming will still leave smaller hairs behind, even if they remove the lion's share. Making a quick run-through with a vacuum is where we recommend to start, but there are several methods for truly getting that pesky pet hair out of your car. Below are a few options:

1. A great tool (which is surprising to most) is a simple rubber kitchen glove. While wearing the glove, wet your fingers and begin to rub the target spots on your vehicle's interior. You must rub in a single direction, and form the hair into a larger tuft; compare it to sweeping your floor. These large clumps of hair can then be removed by hand, or sucked up by your vacuum. You can also try this method using a wet sponge or wash cloth too. Pretty nifty, huh?

2. Do you have velcro curlers? Yes? Ok, cool. Simply run the curlers throughout the car to pick up the hair.

3. One method that is pretty interesting, but pretty effective is using an inflated balloon. No joke! Have you ever noticed that a balloon's static quality attracts hair of all sorts (think of the big static ball at the Magic House in St. Louis, MO)? This static ability works great for picking up loose hair in your car. Simply rub the inflated balloon on the spots of hair in your car, and watch them stick! 

4. An obvious, but sometimes overlooked method is a simple lint brush or roller. Use it on your car's interior just like you would on your clothes. BOOM, DONE!

5. Lastly, just keep your pet out of  your car! Yeah, this doesn't sit well with pet owners, but this is the most obvious solution.

We hope you can take these tips, and clean up that dirty car or truck of  yours! Also, you can always lay down blankets and towels to help keep the hair at a minimum. 

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