Advice for Driving your Nissan in Rainy Weather

Spring and summer in Wood River, IL are undoubtedly beautiful, but that doesn't mean drivers are out of the clear when it comes to hazardous driving. Heavy rainfall not only creates rainbows but also unsafe driving conditions. To ensure your safety while driving in the rain, AutoCenters Nissan recommends 5 tips for handling these conditions.

  1. Slow down. Traffic will always become slower when it starts to rain, which means Nissan drivers should slow down too. It only takes a half of an inch of water to make a car hydroplane, which is when the tires rise up on a film of water. Driving at a reasonable speed and keeping a safe distance from the car ahead of you will reduce the need for slamming on the brakes in rainy weather.
  2. Make yourself visible. One of the simplest things a driver can do to stay safe in the car is to turn on the car's headlights when driving in Wood River, IL rainy weather. This will make your car more visible to other drivers, and it can even help avoid an accident.
  3. Give yourself more time. If at all possible, give yourself more time when it starts to rain. Travel times in Wood River, IL will be longer than usual, and the worst thing you can do is drive erratically in rainy weather.
  4. Watch and listen for pedestrians. Because visibility is considerably reduced in the rain, you'll need to be extra cautious for pedestrians and bikers. Make sure your windows are defogged and your radio is turned down.
  5. Concentrate. You can avoid an accident while driving in rainy weather if you simply pay attention to the road. Don't drive subconsciously, and always be aware of your surroundings when you drive along slick Wood River, IL streets.

If Wood River, IL drivers follow these guidelines, they'll make driving in the rain safer for themselves and other drivers. Wood River, IL area drivers can stop into AutoCenters Nissan for more rainy weather driving tips from our knowledgeable staff members. 

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